Anna Queen Pre-orders

Sculptor Anna Huang of Anna Queen has opened a new pre-order for doll heads. The 1/3 size heads are sold blank with optional face-up and Paradise eyes. The Cozo, Bau, Club and Heart heads are designed to fit 60cm to 65cm bodies. The Aya ver.2, Ebony, Laya ver.2 heads will fit various 55cm to 60cm bodies. Customers that purchase a head and eyes together will receive a discount on the eyes.

Customers may order the heads via Anna’s email:annaqueen1106@gmail.com (preferred if face-up is wanted) or from authorized retailer Stacy’s Pink Ocean.

To ask the artist questions, contact her via her facebook page.

From the company:

anna queen

Anna-Queen Heart_zpswas2jddl

Anna-Queen Laya ver2_zpscurxhpvn

Anna-Queen Club_zpsy5yalipx