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Blue Fairy has posted a schedule for future pre-order periods for dolls. Each order period lasts 5 days.

From the company:

We are happy to announce that there will be some update on the Monthly Pre-Order sale to provide more convenient services to customers.

Available types for each month orders will be fixed. As always, the order period will be from 11 AM of every first Monday to 5 PM of its Friday. Sale of the option parts will also be open during the monthly pre-order period.

BF – Diana, Alice
TF – May, Jerome, Emilie,Tommy
SF – May, Hana, Benjamin, Paul
PF – Minimay, Choco, Yoko, Peter

BF – Lunar
TF – Sarang, Niky, Kyle
SF – Andy, Connie, Sam, Lelia
PF – Jimmy, Remmy, Kitty, Didi

BF – Daniel
TF – Olive, Louis, Denis
SF – Minoru, Clare, Ellie
PF – Noma, Taro, Roa

BF – Henry
TF – Jasmine, Patrick, Robin
SF – Jaden, Linus, Shirley
PF – Fei, Roel, Charlie

(Monthly Pre-order Period for May – 11:00, May 2nd. ~ 17:00, May 6th.)

Available month information will be updated to the detail field of each doll’s pages for your convenience. Please note that the updates will be finished by mid April.



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