Spring Cleaning Event

Doll fashion and accessory shop Musume & Okasan is holding a Spring Cleaning discount event.

From the store

We are doing a Spring Cleaning on Musume & Okasan Etsy, and therefore we have a 20% discount on all orders until April 23rd! Simply use the coupon code 20OFFCLEAROUT when checking out!

There are crochet clothing for Minifee, MSD, and YoSD BJDs, and also leather bags for SD, MSD and YoSD dolls! Some of the bags will also fit the tall Monster Highs! Also, out orders always include gifts <3

Finally, commissions are open! Check the About page to see our gigantic (70+) threads and wools color chart!

Link to Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MusumeOkasan


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