Unoa Purchase Lottery

UnoAlchemy is selling a small number of rarely released Unoa Zero Marion/Latea dolls.  All will come in freshskin but one which is cast in fairy skin. Interested collectors may enter a lottery to purchase the dolls. The BJDs are being sold assembled and blank  and will include numerous extras.

From UnoAlchemy:

Alchemic Labo has gone above and beyond this month. They negotiated with Hobby Japan, and were able to acquire 10 Fresh Skin  dolls, and one Fairy Skin doll. Because quantities are so limited, UnoAlchemy will be opening up a lottery to purchase them. Each doll will cost $980 (includes worldwide shipping) and will come with Marion and Latea faceplates, resin shoes (random color), and random extras.

The Unoa Zero is 65cm tall, and can wear 1/3 size clothing. These dolls are not produced often, so this is a rare chance to get one. These are B-grade dolls. We will also have limited amounts of faceplates and resin parts that can be purchased after the lottery event.

To enter the lottery, please send us an email at unoalchemy@gmail.com. Please let us know if you are interested only in the Fairy skin doll, or if you will accept either color. Winners will be drawn on April 10th. All winners will have 5 days to complete their purchase from the time of receiving the invoice.

Thank you, and Good luck!


Unoa Zero Marion Latea


Unoa Zero Marion Latea1