MiroxDolls is a new Russian doll company with a store on Etsy. The first doll release is 20cm tall Joe.  Her pre-order will be open until May 1st. Layaway is available.

From the artist:

Hi! I am a doll artisan from Russia, my name is MIRonova OKsana (MIROXDOLLS) and I want to introduce my new mold Joe and announce a preorder!

I made Joe with all my love and hope you will love her too! This little lady is very cute and playable. The preorder time is from April 04 to May 01 at Resin bjd doll mold Joe, PREORDER!

The doll is made from high quality resin, casted in Korchagin Studio (Saint-Petersburg). Three skin tones are available: milk, nut and light tan.




joe body