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Felines are my favorites of all animal species, and clearly they are popular with many other BJD collectors! Lots of companies have produced adorable cats and anthro kitties in many sizes from 1/3 to 1/12 size.  Occasionally however, an artist will create a new twist on catitude.  This is certainly true of Brioche.

This funny little pet feline was created by one of my favorite doll artists, K6 of Nympheas Dolls. 19cm tall Brioche was released in two resin colors, butter (tan) or pepper skin (grey). My “butterball” of a cat includes all four face-plates, and is extra special because she was painted by the artist!

It’s easier to post pictures to illustrate why I like her so much than to describe all her assets. 🙂

Here is Brioche at her arrival:



She was snuggly stored in her sleeping roll.



Her wrappings are partially removed here. In the pocket are 3 more faceplates, Brioche’s magnetically attachable ears, and a Rilakkuma toast was also added as a small gift.


Here Brioche is unwrapped with her ears attached along with the additional faceplates

Here is Brioche unwrapped with her ears attached and displayed along with her additional faceplates. I think she  successfully captures the essence of  plump, pampered and entitled feline-hood.



After that long flight from France, Brioche needs to stretch!



Also, she looks a bit hungry…


brioche7 brioche6

The large-eyed faceplate will take 18mm eyes.  I tried out several pairs and liked the ones with the largest irises best.  (These eyes are from Safrin Doll.)


1brioche1 2016-03-26 03.34.18

The other plate that takes eyes uses much smaller ones.  I added glass copper-colored eyes here. I could fit a variety of smaller sized eyes in this face. These are actually 16mm.


1brioche 2brioche

Probably my favorite face is the open-mouthed one.


brioche inside head

The inside of the head is etched with a serial number and is both etched and signed K6.  There is a small blob of a gooey substance near the lower magnet that ensures that the mask stays in-place.



Finally! Nap time!


Additional photos from Nympheas:




With a face-up by artist Tsubasa

With a face-up by artist Tsubasa