Sadol School Uniforms

Sadol has unveiled new school uniforms for spring.  They are available in an assortment of color combinations. The  clothing comes in a variety of sizes for 1/3 to 70cm boys and 1/3 girls. Items may be purchased separately.

From the company:

The school uniforms of 2016 [GTS2016] are new updated.

GTS of this year is basic version with base color and composition.

GTS2016 well suits bjds more then first original version, GTS2012.

Check up the new shool uniform of this year[GTS2016]!

Thanks for customers who love Sadol’s school uniform.

For the customer, We prepared free gift event.

Always thanks to your love in Sadol

Every customer who purchase GTS2016 set could get a Turtle neck t-shirt of GTS2015 and a school pendant.

The expiration date of event is April 10th

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