Thomas 2.0

Whispering Grass is taking pre-orders for the Thomas 2.0 head. The head now comes in three variations: open eyes, partly closed eyes and closed eyes. Resin colors include pale, fresh and oriental.

From the artist:

The head is sculpted by me and will be casted at DollShe craft.
Head circumference: 21,5 cm
Neck circumference: 10-11 cm
Suitable bodies: 65-70 cm
Eye size: 8-10 mm, low dome with small iris recommended.

Prices: $145 for main skintones, faceup order is also possible for an additional fee.
Preorder will end on May 15th.

More details on my site or on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/214795414/bjd-thomas-head-v2


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