Ellana with Lune Body

At Lillycat – Cerisedolls, 1/3 girl Ellana is now available for the last time with the Lune body. The 57.5cm tall doll is sold blank with an optional face-up. Three resin options are available.

From the company:

Ellana / Caramel and Peach, Dark Tan
Sale open from Monday March 14th to Monday March 21st.


This month, Ellana is back!

She will be available in Peach Dark Tan and, for the very first time, in our classic Caramel skin!

Special warning : We deciced to stop the production of our Lune body, so this will be the last time Ellana will be sold with this body…

Sale will be open during a 8-days-long preorder from March the 14th (8:00 UTC) to March the 21st. The number of available dolls isn’t limited, but the sales will run only for 8 days.

Layaway rules

Here’s a reminder of our Layaway facilities, which will allow you to pay in up to 7 monthly installments!
Your authorized number of installments will depend on your order amount.

ellana lune11

Dark tan





Lune body

Lune body

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