Dryo Pre-order

Dryo by IrrealDoll will soon be available in a new edition. The 17cm doll may be ordered in a 2-day pre-order.

From the company:

After a long wait, here comes Dryo’s second edition. 🙂

This time it will be offered in toffee, peanut and milkshake skin tones. The first Dryo edition featured white and vanilla skin tones, but they won’t be available this time. New customers will be able to meet Dryo in our current colour scheme, but for those who already own Dryo in vanilla, white or toffee, this is your chance to pick up a brother/sister in peanut or milkshake skin tone.

Pre-order will be open from Sunday, March 13th, 2016 at 19:00PM through Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 at 19:00PM (UTC/GMT+1 timezone). You can click here to see a countdown timer. Although we will keep it open for three days, a stock limit will be set (because we can only handle so many orders at the same time) so don’t fall asleep because you could still miss it if you wait for too long. It would be a good idea to register an account at irrealdoll.com (in case you didn’t have one already) before things become too hectic on Sunday.

In addition to full payments through Paypal or bank transfer, layaway payment through Paypal will also be offered. Please read our layaway guide prior to purchasing and make sure to follow the steps carefully in case you’re using this payment method, getting it right the first time will save us a lot of time and work later!

As usual, your Dryo package will include:

Assembled doll
Box and cushion
Certificate of authenticity
A pair of glass eyes (random color)
A special Dryo outfit

Remember that prices start at 350€ and that the estimated shipping time is around 5 months (subject to changes). We’ve uploaded new information and lots of pictures on irrealdoll.com, make sure to check them out!









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