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Volks USA has re-opened their webstore.  In celebration, they are selling a limited number of special dolls by lottery. The store serves customers in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

From the store:

Dear VOLKS fans,

Thank you very much for your continued support of VOLKS USA, INC.!!

Because of everyone’s patience and support, we are able to re-open our webstore through a new server. Not only that, we have made few modifications to our webstore, so hopefully these new changes will make your web shopping much easier and more convenient compared to 2015!

For those who have been waiting for our comeback, we have prepared a big surprise! We would like to release our “Dear Super Dollfie®”, first unveiled at Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 12 in August 9th 2015, as our celebration lottery!

We are truly happy to be back in business and looking forward to receiving everyone’s entries for our Grand Re-Opening Celebration!

Hideyoshi Shigeta
General Manager



Kira normal skin

Kira normal skin

Nono normal skin

Nono normal skin

Nana white skin

Nana normal skin

Nono white skin

Nono white skin

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