Little Monica News

After receiving numerous complaints, Little Monica has discontinued the Muse Harmony Magnetic joint line. The company is offering compensation to customers that purchased Miss Sarubia.

An new strung version of the doll will be available shortly.

From the company:

Hello, it’s Little Monica.

We have confronted so much problems we have not predicted
by a lot of feedbacks from those who have purchased “Muse Harmony” Line’s “Magnetic ver.” dolls
which have been discontinued due to the problems in production.

We deeply sorry for giving you the disappointment and inconveniences
by releasing products which are imperfect, not considering these problems
along from product planning to publishing levels.

We have concluded that there is the limit to keep using the product without any inconvenience
even with our free A/S services, so we are truly sorry that
we could only stop the service for the product.

Therefore, please understand that A/S for the product can be requested
only by 11am, 21st of March, 2016 (KST).

For those who have bought ‘Magnetic ver.’ Muse Harmony Dolls,
we will offer 1 of the following compensations per each doll :

1. 1 Same Typed/Skin Colored Muse Harmony(String ver.) Full Doll as purchased one
+ $200 of Online Store Points+
Magnetic Muse Head S-Hook Compatible Part

2. 1 Same Typed/Skin Colord Muse Harmony(String ver.) Full Doll as purchased one
+ 1 ‘Muse ANI201’ Full Doll+
Magnetic Muse Head S-Hook Compatible Part

The compensation(will be updated on 29th) can be chosen and ordered through
“Muse Harmony(Magnetic ver.) Purchase Compensation” page in our “Event” category
and you do not need to pay the amount charged for the order.

Once ordered, the payment confirmation will automatically be done,
and the order will be opened until 31st of March, 2016, so please bear this in mind.

We hope this compensation can deliver even a little bit of our apology to those who have been disappointed in our product
and we, Little Monica will make assurance doubly sure for always trying the best
to bring non-problematic, good products ahead.

Thank you.

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