C-Love Release and Event

Migidoll is preparing to open a pre-order period for C-Love line dolls Clara, Kino, Emma, Toto, Ruby and Bean-boy. The 26cm tall BJDs come with a boy or girl body in a choice of normal, white or suntan resin. Options for the dolls include a face-up, wig, eyes and a new default outfit set. Kino and Clara have new face-ups styles.

A face-up and outfit event will run during this order period.

From the company:

* Release of C-Love type default outfit. *

The default outfit is 50% off if you order C-Love type set.
(At the first day of sale, the default outfit is free.)

** Makeup change event for C-Love type Clara & Kino !! **

C-Love type Clara & Kino pictures are updated with changed default makeup.
Please check in advance before placing order of C-Love type Clara & Kino makeup.

During event days, the makeup is 50% off.
(At the first day of sales, the makeup is free.)

* Event period : 10 am on Feb. 12, 2016 ~ 6 pm on Feb. 29, 2016 (Korean local time)







New default outfits:

Love_Boy_f_01 Love_Girl_f_01