Loretta and BuXiaoqi

Loretta and BuXiaoqi are new 1/6 dolls from Chinese company MYou Doll. Both 40.6cm tall BJDs come in a choice of white, pink, yellow, coffee, or tan resin. BuXiaoqi and Loretta will include a pair of glass eyes and underwear. Options include a face-up and shoes.

Myou is offering an event at this time.

From the company:

Event for new dolls​

Time:7th Feb. 2016-20th Feb. 2016

1. If you buy one Myou new 1/4 baby, you will get 12% discount.
2.If you buy Myou new 1/4 babies, more than 2 dolls,you can get 15% discount.
3.If you buy Myou new 1/4 babies, more than 4 dolls,you can get 20% discount.
4、If you buy Myou new 1/4 babies, you can get a pair of extra hands and shoes(13USD) with the dolls.

The dolls may be purchased from the company or through authorized retailers.