Dorian Gray and Carmilla

New dolls have recently been added to Ringdoll‘s classic website. The latest is Dorian Gray.

The 70.5cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin. Dorian comes with a Classic full-set or a Deluxe full-set. The Classic set includes a head with face-up. eyes, wigs, outfit and shoes.  The Deluxe set additionally includes the second special “decayed” head with a face-up along with the other full-set items.

Also recently added is 68cm tall Vampire Carmilla. She may be ordered as a blank basic doll in normal, white or tan resin or as a full-set.  The full-set includes a doll in normal skin resin, a face-up, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes.

An event is offered with the purchase of Carmilla in the full-set version. Another special offer is available for Dorian Grey.

From the company:

Carmilla Fullset includes:
head(RTG08)+official makeup+body(RGL68-1)+eyes(Re-48)+wigs(Rwigs60-41)+outfit(Rc60-79)+High-heeled feet-03
The crown(Rot106) and earrings are not included in fullset.

Release Event for Carmilla fullset:
1.2016/1/28-2016/2/27,10% discount for fullset and the crown(Rot106) will be offered as gift;
(The price of fullset is 827USD and it is 744.3USD during this period.)
2.2016/2/28-2016/3/27,the crown (Rot106) will be offered as gift;

Carmilla fullset will be discontinued on April 15th,2016.

Dorian Gray release event:

Feb.2nd,2016-Mar.2nd,2016,8% discount for fullset.



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