A head by a new doll artist is now up for pre-order, Déesse by Sicktress.

From the artist:

Head Size: 1/3 scale
Wig Size: 9-10 inches
Eye Size: 14mm (pictured) to 16mm
Neck Size: 9.5cm to 10.5cm

Body and fit: This head is a large-sized 1/3 head. It will fit best on Impldoll’s Star or Idol female body. It can also work on a Resinsoul 68cm girl body, but the neck will be more slender. It will not work with small bodies under 63cm, unless it is a male body or it has a thick neck. If you have any questions about fit on other bodies, please let me know. I have a variety at my disposal (including male heads), and can take more photos. I have a mockup head on a Soom Super Gem body that I painted to match. The mockup does not show the sculpt’s teeth, as that was added in after I painted the prototype. For photos of the teeth, please see the sales flyer.

Resin Colors: I am offering Déesse in Ebony, Dark Tan and Iron-Grey. She will be cast by Haru Casting in Korea. The turnaround time from the end of the pre-order to receipt of your head would be approximately 2 months. Typically the casting company is very fast, but I want to make sure I give myself ample time in case of delays, or holidays.

What is a “resin matching coconut”?
Typically in order to get a body to match the head perfectly, you would need to a) dye your own body to match the color of the head, or b) send a headcap in to a BJD company for color matching. Since the post can be iffy about mailing things overseas, I created a resin piece to come with the head that could be sent more freely, without worrying about losing a headcap. A coconut was a nice small thing I could sculpt that would be big enough to send for color matching.

What if I already have a body, or the company I like doesn’t offer custom colors?
In that case, you could spray paint or dye the body you have. Although it is a risky process, I created a tutorial to show how to color match bodies, along with brands of paint you can use. Some people have had success dyeing resin with iDye Poly, however I have not tried it yet. I will be trying it within the next month and will have results.

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions! I am available via email at sicktress@gmail.com. I also am available on Den of Angels as Sicktress.