Argonautica Event

Argonautica Dolls is holding a February Sale.  From now until February 20th,
customers that order two or more 1/6 dolls will get $40 discount on each each doll The dolls that are included in the sale are 28cm tall Little Ifi, Little Kio and Little Pri.

Ifi may be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, arctic white or tan. Four breast sizes are available. Optional additions include a face-up, a pair of fist hands, heel feet, shins and heel shoes (platforms or pumps). Little pre and Kio come in deep bue, purple, mint, thistle and deep blue. They come with a unisex, male or female body. An optional face-up may be added. All three dolls may be found HERE.






Little Pri

Little Pri


Little Ko

Little Kio