Rosen Lied February and March Schedule

Rosen Lied has a new schedule up that covers both February and March. The highlight for February is a Valentine Day event. Free gifts will be included with qualifying purchases. Limited and limited basic dolls will also be released.

From the company:

Hello everyone, this is Rosen Lied.
Here is our schedule for February and March.


– February 8th ~ 10th

Rosenlied will not be working during February 8th ~ 10th due to national holiday.
There is no problem with shopping on our site but help desk and shipping will not be available.
All service will be available on regular basis from the next business day (February 11th).

[Valentine’s day event]

Event period : February 12th ~ March 14th

Presents according to each amounts will be given to everyone who makes order from our site.

$100 – Doll Necklace

$200 – Headdress + Cape set (Holiday’s child or Tuesdays’s child)

$350 – Special outfit (Holiday’s child or Tuesdays’s child size)

* Shipping fee is not included.

* We will give presents for each orders separately. Total amount of orders cannot be combined.

ex.) Make 3 orders of $70, $100, $250 -> Get one Necklace for $100 order and doll blanket for $250 order but orders can’t be combined to get $350 gift.

* You can still combine orders to save shipping fee.

* For the customers who ordered over $350 USD, please leave a message on the memo, in order to let us know which size of the dress you want.
If you don’t leave a message, we will send the size randomly.


– February 19th

[Release of new season limited basic dolls]

Sales period : February 19th ~ March 19th

-Monday’s Child Ginger

-Tuesday’s Child Maroon


– February 26th

[Release of new limited dolls]

Holiday’s Child Limited Boutique Pony (White skin)

Limited to 10

Make up by Kana

Outfit design by Rollingpumpkin

Holiday’s Child Limited Boutique Pony (White skin)

Limited to 10

Make up by Uyuchagongbang

Outfit by Uyuchagongbang



[Release of new season limited basic doll]

Holiday’s Child Limited Basic Pony

Sales period : March 11th ~ April 11th


– March 14th

Last day of Valentine’s day event

[Rosenlied’s party + 9th anniversary gift]

Event period : March 25th ~ April 25th

Illustration booklet will be given as a gift to all who orders our doll.


– March 26th, 27th

[Party with Rosenlied]

Event date : March 26th ~ 27th

Place : Cafe Basilur (Hakdong branch)

Time : 12:00 PM ~ 16:00 PM

Thank you for reading!!!