Luts – AiDolls

Luts will be producing dolls from the company AiDolls soon.

From Luts:

Hello everyone!

We are LUTS and today we are happy to introduce out new family- AIDOLLS which ‘old Custom House’.

AIDOLLS is the BJD company which have long history from ‘Custom house’.
At first time they sold other companies BJD on consignment, and than developed cutie and lovely their original Dolls as

-Ai Bisou, Ai Ange, Ai Petite, Ai Little Junior, Ai Junior, The Ai.

LUTS and AIDOLLS had a relationship for a long time from made BJD market in Korea.

So we hope it will be not only M&A but also meaningful chance for customers.

All of Doll of AIDOLLS will renewal with the original skill of LUTS soon, and we will prepare many events for customers. 🙂

Please keep interest to it and we will do best for satisfied to both customers of LUTS & AIDOLLS.

Thank you always. 😀

Best Regard


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