Ringdoll Spring Festival Event

The Ringdoll Spring Festival Event is offering gifts including a 16cm event Mini Julia doll and a Dracula Awakening head. It is scheduled to run to the end of February.

From the company:

Ringdoll Spring Festival



1.Order any basic doll or fullset(Ring Sweet excluded),one Ringdoll Annual Book is offered as gift.

2.Order over 550USD,Mini Ringdoll basic doll without makeup in normal skin(the link) is offered as gift.

3.Order over 700USD,Dracula Awakening Edition nude head RGM25.SP(the link) is offered as gift,normal/white/tan skin for your option.

For example,if your order is over 550USD, you can get one Ringdoll Annual Book and Mini Ringdoll as gift.
And if your order is over 700USD,you can get one Ringdoll Annual Book and doll head RGM25.SP as gift.
Ringdoll Annual Book is offered for each doll(basic/fullset),if your order contains two dolls,you can get two annual books as gift.


1.Sold-out dolls/editions are excluded.

2.The event can be combined with our Carmilla Release Event(the link).

3.Shipping cost is not included in the order total.

4.Mini Ringdoll and RGM25.SP are specially-designed for the event and can not be purchased separately.

5.Layaway is acceptable.Please email to sales@ringdoll.com for more.

6.Ringdoll dealers are included in the event.

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mini julia2

mini julia1


dracula awakening