Lati’s Snow White

Latidoll has released their first limited edition series for 2016, “Snow White”. The dolls available include Yellow line Snow White Sophie, Wicked Queen Lea and Hunter Kuroo and White line Gentle Dwarf Laches, Naughty Dwarf Bayer , Poppet Dwarf Cherny , Perky Dwarf Yuri, Dwarf T.Joy, Dwarf Belle and Baby Dwarf Lily. They are available for pre-order until the 15th of February. Customers with qualifying orders may purchase a special doll head with a face-up at a discount or receive a full doll for free.

From the company:

Surprising event for customers!

1. For 10 days after order opening(25th Jan ~ 3rd February),
Customers who place an order with at least 1 limited doll, can purchase
New head “Chu ver. Sophie” head(wearing make-up, glass eyes not included) for $55.
*Please be aware that only face-up head is available.
*In case of White size doll, Full set purchase only.

2. For the customers who purchase Full Package, 1 “Chu ver. Sophie nude doll”(wearing make-up, glass eyes not included) will be presented, regardless order date,

New Lati friends “T. Joy” and “Yuri” will join us through this release ?!
We look forward to your responses for “Snow White” release~!!!


lati snow white

lati snow white1


3lati snow white

lati snow white4

sophie chuu

Event head Sophie Chu