Doll Legend New Year Event

A New Year Event for Chinese company Doll Legend has begun. New doll Celia is now being sold at a 12% discount. All other dolls and doll bodies are offered at a 10% discount. Jointed hands are being sold at special low price.

Celia is 58cm tall. She is sold blank with a random color pair of eyes.  Celia may be ordered with small or large breasts. An optional pair of heel lower legs may be purchased with the doll. A face-up and a outfit are also optionally available.

All of the company’s dolls may be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or white resin or in imported translucent normal pink, normal yellow, white, tan or grey resin.

Doll Legend dolls are sold internationally through their authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections and KOK Doll Collection.




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