FreedomTeller News

BJD tailor FreedomTeller has recently delved into doll making with the recent release of their first 1/3 size resin head named Dyle. The company is holding a pre-order for their head and for the two outfit sets, Detective: Holmes and Thief: Lupin.

The Dyle head is cast in normal skin resin.  It is designed to fit a Volks 65cm body. Two face-up styles are available.

The fashion sets are sold in two categories: in Volks SD13, SD17 and 70cm doll sizes and in Iplehouse EID and SID sizes. Accessories are also available.

Two customers with qualifying orders will receive the Dyle as a gift.

From the company:

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theif sid eid

SD13, SD17 and 70cm sizes

detective sd

detective eid sid

theif sd