~New Year Girl 2016 – Ring Kid Alice~


In previous years, BJDcollectasy has focused on a special doll or dolls to represent the “New Year Baby”.  However, the doll for 2016 is a new 1/4 scale Ringdoll release, and does not really fit the description of “baby”.  So, this year, please welcome the 2016 new year girl- Alice!


Over the last several years, Ringdoll largely abandoned their 1/4 doll Kid line and instead concentrated mainly on their 1/3 Teenagers and 70cm Grown dolls.  As 1/4 scale is one of my favorite sizes, I was excited when they announced new dolls for the line last fall, and curious to see what changes they might make since their style has matured over the years. Shortly after their release, I ordered an Alice which was then shipped and sent my way.

alice_2216Both Alice and the Mad Hatter were re-imagined in a Steampunk Wonderland. My Alice is a full set with a face-up, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes included. Alice arrived in perfect condition. She was well packed.  When I uncovered her head, I was very pleased by the quality of her face-up. Once she was fully unwrapped, I added her eyes and took a few photos of her body.

The new Kids turned out to be quite a bit different from the original dolls. The latest 1/4 body, with its subtle torso modeling, lacks a chest or hip joint. The bodies are also a few centimeters shorter. The old body with head is 43cm, but the new doll is only 40cm. While the original body was very slender with almost no curves at the hip but with well defined breasts, Alice has a mere suggestion of breasts and wide hips. Alice’s face is rounder, softer and less mature. If I were to assign ages to each style, I think Alice looks like she is just reaching puberty and the earlier girls represent young teenagers.


kid body new old

Alice (left) and the older Kid girl body

Alice may lack the ability to twist her torso, but she makes up for it with the limberness of her leg joints. She had no difficulty sitting in a kneeling position. Her thigh joint also worked well and held its place. The knee joints held their pose reasonably well too. (except when Alice wore stockings which would get caught in them!) Occasionally a leg would give out from under her, so make sure Alice is posed safely before stepping away from her if she is liable to fall and get broken.

alice kneeling_2489


alice pose 1


alice pose2

I then dressed Alice up and took her out for another photo session. Her costume is very pretty and well made. The gear-laden leathery over-skirt is elaborately constructed and the skirt of the dress has two layers, a striped one and a lace-edged under layer. Her poofy pantalets peek below the layers and lace. Alice’s look is finished off with stockings of tan and brown, boots and a hair bow. There are two ribbons to optionally tie her hair into two ponytails.




Alice’s arms pose as well as her legs. One hand is open and the other is lightly grasping, which can be useful if she needs to hold something. They looked a bit large for her body, and next to her well-colored face they were very pale. I think they would look better with a little blushing.

My favorite part about Alice is her face sculpt. Compared to their earlier Kid doll sculpts, she is much more detailed and the painting more natural and realistic. I own an early Ringdoll Pan and other dolls from succeeding years by the company, and I can easily see how much stronger their work has become. A few new Kids have just been added to the line, Xi and Chunyi, and both are fantastic!  Ringdoll is a company I enjoy following and I look forward to more years of their amazing dolls!

Ringdoll – Website






Concept art for Alice

Concept art for Alice