~BJDcollectasy Christmas Card~

1pepper christmas card


Things have been very hectic here at BJDcollectasy as we (the two main people that work on the site) have been working on our house to put it up for sale this year. As a result, a Sunday feature was occasionally delayed or cancelled. BUT, if all goes well, at the end of next month we will hopefully be moving to a lovely but a bit shabby late Victorian house in need of some restoration.

My BJD holiday gift this year flew all the way from Indonesia in time to celebrate Christmas with us. Elf Pepper is an adorable little guy!  He was created by one of my favorite doll artists, the master of the miniature, Donny Harijanto of Dream High Studio.

Pepper is only 11cm tall, and he has fingers and toes like a character from The Simpson: only four on each hand and foot. He stands with ease when barefoot, but he needed a prop to keep him erect after being dressed in his footed tights. His face is a change from many of my previous slender fairy dolls from Donny.  Pepper has a round head, a ruddy complexion and a smile with a little glimpse of his teeth showing.  Accenting his cheek are white “reflection” dots. He was a limited edition, but if you missed out on him, another elf, Snowy, is available at Dream High Studio right now. Better hurry!

BJDcollectasy would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Things just keep getting better in the resin doll world. It seems as if every year tops the previous one in quality, skill, ingenuity and imagination.  We hope that many of you succeeded in your quest to discover at least one special BJD in 2015!





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