RSdoll Winter Event

A Winter Event has begun at RSdoll. The company is offering a free Dreaming Ruty event head with doll purchase. Three new 1/3 boys have been introduced: Joseph, Stan and Sean. All of the dolls come with a choice of body type, resin color and optioan face-up. A face-up for the event head is optionally available.

From the company:

Hello this is RS Doll.

We are informing you about our Winter

Event Period : Dec 20, 2015 ~ Jan 5, 2016


1. Additional event head for RG-Line

During event period, anyone who orders our
RG-Line dolls can have Limited winter event head Dreaming Ruty.

2. White Skin Released:

During event period white skin color is

Anyone who order RS Doll(Includes RG and RM
line dolls.) can choose the color of the dolls.

(Also can choose colors of the event head)


ruty event head




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