Mandarava ver. 2 New Full-sets

1/4 girl Mandarava version 2 and version 2 SP are posted in a new full-set option are now at Angell Studio. Version 2 Y dolls are shown in frothy pink Lolita-inspired “strawberry milkshake” sets.

Mandarava comes in solid pink, solid butter or solid milk resin. Additions to the basic doll include the face-up shown, wig, eyes, multi-layered outfit and shoes. The outfit may also be purchased separately.

Angell Studio is holding a 10th anniversary and Christmas event. To see this and other events running at this time, please go to the  Company/Retail Sale Events on BJDcollectasy.


Mandarava ver2y

( From left) Mandarava ver. 2 Y & Mandarava ver2 SP Y


1Mandarava ver21 Mandarava ver2 8

Mandarava ver2 outfit