Pharaur and StNafay

Two new dolls are now at LoongSoul, Pharaur and StNafay. Both BJDs may be ordered in resin colors normal pink, normal yellow or white or imported resin colors normal pink, normal yellow, white, real or tan.  68cm tall Pharaur and 63cm StNafay may be purchased as a basic or full-set doll.  Free gifts will be included with purchase. Loongsoul dolls may be purchased from the company or through their authorized retailers.

From the company:

1. order Pharaur or StNafay, get a free extra pair of 68 heightener or 63 high-heeled feet.
2. order Pharaur or StNafay with clothes, get a free Sun-Chasing Bow or Moon-Chasing Bow and an arrow.
Note: promotion 1 & 2 can’t be applied together.


Pharaur and StNafay