Charles’ Creature Cabinet News

Princess Kaba will be returning soon to Charles’ Creature Cabinet and she will be bringing a little friend.
From the company:

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We’re very excited to finally offer the long awaited re-release of Princess Kaba, hippo anthro BJD.
And a Surprise release of baby hippo Kabibe (African = little lady).

** Joint Project with WeeDollyWears/Marie Patterson & Fairy Fragilities **

** Update delayed deliveries of Tempeh Brownies, Belle, Ping and baby pig pOinks

Tempeh, Belle, Ping and the little pOinks are coming…But, alas later than we estimated in the listings. Please understand that the estimation is just that, an estimation, and that we’re mainly depending on our casting manufacturer. Our caster/manufacturer has many other customers, besides CCC, inherently they have a very full and busy schedule.

However, they’ve promised us to do the best they can to get the little pOinks (and Tempeh, Belle and Ping) shipped to the Netherlands this month. We’re very sorry for the delays!

Thank you for your love and support, and hoping for your patience.