Free Choice Mega Gem and Idealian Event

The Gem is opening a Free Choice system for Idealian and Mega Gem boys.

From the company:

Period : Open on Dec. 9th (Wed) 2015 P.M 4:00 ~ Close Dec. 23rd (Wed) 4:00

About: *The types of dolls are Mega Gem and ID72.

* One head + one body in one set can be purchased; options and face-up are available.
   (Ex. Ordering one body with two head is not possible)

*Make-up and body blushing will be same as before,
however, these will be done according to its skin type.

*Layaway payment is acceptable.

*X-option is unavailable.

*Hope to have your attention and participation!

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Gluino Vampire

Gluino Vampire