Dollstown Discount Event

A holiday event has begun at Dolls Town. The event will last through the month of December. A wide variety of resin colors are available from which to choose.  Face-up service is not available.

From the company:

20% discount Sale of 2015 December
From Dec 1st to Dec 31
with 27 Basic doll:

Hwan+18yrs boy
Mui+18yrs boy
J+18yrs boy

Daisy boy+15yrs boy
Yujin+15yrs boy

Rian+18yrs girl
Estella+18yrs girl
Daisy girl+18yrs girl
Elysia+18yrs girl

Yeondu+13yrs girl
Seola13+13yrs girl
Amy+13yrs girl
Soi+13yrs girl
Elysia+13yrs girl
Susie+13yrs girl
Triste+13yrs girl
IO human+13yrs girl
Hyun+13yrs girl
Ariel+13yrs girl
Azura+13yrs girl


Mari+7yrs girl
Arin+7yrs girl
Mini Elysia+7yrs girl
Alina+7yrs girl

Ganga+5yrs girl
Momo +5yrs girl