La Compagnie des Radis is opening a pre-order for a new doll namd Suzette.

From the artist:

I want to introduce you my new doll, Suzette

She’s a 22cm girl, and she will be available in Light tan skin on December 1st at 8pm Paris Time.

The preorder will be open for 20 dolls, no more because I already ordered the dolls from the factory in order to reduce waiting time for the customers.

Make-up option will be available. (make-up is designed by me but is reproduced by the factory) As usual, 4 times layaway will be available without extra fees!

The clothes that you can see on the pictures bellow are designed by Edhelwhen from Affreusement Mignon and will also be available for preorder!

If you are interested to place an order, please go on my website from Dec 1, 8pm. Paris time


If you have any question, please feel free to contact me through my facebook page :

La Compagnie des Radis