Ocean Moon Update

Ocean Moon has another new 1/6 girl body available.  The new body is slimmer and a centimeter taller.

From the company:

Sell on Etsy : [27cm girl body]

A sister body following 28 boy body!
26.5cm(10.4inch) -> 27.9cm(11 inch), this body has grown taller!

1) Aesthetics
If 26 bodies are roundy, chubby babies,
27 bodies emphasize feminine, lithe elements with slim waist and sleek legs.

2) Compatibility
Torso and leg lengths has gotten taller,
and still all YoSD-class items are compatible!

Skin tone is smoothly compatible with V company’s head,
and also comes with a pre-designed space for installing magnets, for putting up wing parts.
(Setting magnets inside the space on upper body is an optional purchase.)

3) Original Joint Structure
Amazing mobility presented by Oceanmoon!
Easier to pose than 28cm boy body.

26 bodies, although they are not double-joints, can fold their arms and legs up to 45 degrees;
27, 28 bodies come with double-joints, and their mobility has greatly improved even more since.

[Arms and legs can actually stay folded, without putting up additional support. Pretty body line!]
Our customers in Japan have been graciously sent compliments for Oceanmoon’s dolls.

Oceanmoon’s latest body, developed with 10 years of design experience and knowledge!
We invite you to experience the quality.

We have uploaded more pictures at Flickr, please come and take a look! : http://goo.gl/HvcpMY


27girl-body09_800 27girl-body16_800