Ocean Moon News

Ocean Moon has a new 1/6 girl body. It may be ordered in lemony white or rosy yellow resin. The body with a head is 27cm tall. The resin color is compatible with Volks Yo-SDs.

From the artist:

9th Girl Body (upgraded from 8th boy body) is all completed!
Thigh parts have been updated, and the sudden deep bow -> head butt! doesn’t happen anymore.

Meet the new body that can stand by itself, with improved stability!
All of YoSD-class bodies from Oceanmoon have built-in space for installing magnets, for putting up wing parts. (at extra charge)

***Upgrades on 9th Body: Improvements from 8th Ver. Boy Body

1) Neck length decreased as much as the thickness of a silicon pad (in neck).
2) Shortened arm lengths.
3) Torso is slimmed : slightly more curved waistline.
4) Lower body parts are newly sculpted : slightly rounder pelvis, front and back.
5) Left knee became a little smaller (left from the doll’s perspective), joint structure remains the same.

We have uploaded more pictures at Flickr, please come and take a look! :http://goo.gl/HvcpMY