Spirit Doll Event

The Spirit Doll Christmas and New Year event has begun. Free gifts are offered with qualifying purchases.

From the company:

Thank you very much for your continuous support during this year. Now, at the end of the
year, we would like to thank you all with the ~2015~ Christmas and New Year Event!

Time Period: Nov 23th, 2015 to Jan 20th, 2016

Event Contents:

1. Free gift, nude “Bloom”: if the total cost of your order is over $850;

2. Free gift, nude “Bloom”: if order any two of the Elegance, Proud or Herculean line dolls;

3. Free gift, nude “Bloom”: if order any of the Dolce line whole doll with face-up;

4. Free same size head: if order any one of the Elegance, Proud, Herculean or Dolce line whole doll.

Please notice the following conditions for the event:

1. One can only enjoy one event preferential. (e.g.: if you order two Herculean whole
doll, you can either choose to have nude “Bastet”, or choose two random head, but you
could not get “Bastet” and the heads at the same time.)

2. Please leave the head and skin color you wish to have in the “order postscript area”.

3. The total cost does not include the shipping cost.

4. Bloom is also availble separately here:Bloom_Cute_Dolls_Spirit Doll

Thank you very much for your attention and love for us!

We wish you enjoy your Thanks Giving Day!

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! ^^


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