Migidoll Guy Body Event

The Migidoll Guy Body event has started. For a limited time, the body may be purchased at a significant discount. Resin colors choices include white, normal and suntan (see chart below). Photos of the improved Guy body can be seen HERE.

Full details on the event and on the company’s releases:

1. Event for release of M-Style New Guy Body!!

You can meet Migidolls new guy body again.
It was upgraded superlatively, bigger size, refined body line, muscle, skin appearance, mobility of joint & etc.

And you can get it 20~40% off as launching commemoration.

* Event
1. Purchaser of new body
20% off for launching commemoration. (coupon acceptable)

2. Previous-time purchaser of guy body
If you already purchased guy body (set or parts) previously, you can get a new body at 40% discounted amount.
When you place an order, please mention your name & previous purchase authorization number on “Request of customer”.
In case you ordered Migidoll’s client, please put that client name, authorization number, your name & order date on “Request of customer”.

(order will be valid after checking those information.)

* Precautions : 40% off for body only (not for set)
-For set, apply body’s discount rate only.
-For set, please be careful for body option.
(If the first customer for Guy body, please choose 20% discountoption.)

* Sales period : Nov. 20, 2015 ~ Nov. 30, 2015

* Images will be updated 2 days before sale date.
** This event will be applied to December sale schedule.

2. Ryeong make-up change.

New default make-up of Ryeong has been updated.
Please be aware when you place an order of the make-up.
To commemorate the change of makeup, the makeup price is 50% off during event. ($60 -> $30)

3. November sales products and dates.

– M-Series : Ryeong, Ell, Yujin, Shion, Ryu, Mu, Siho, Joe, Jean, Cho, ,Ryo, C. Yujin, C.Ryu, C.Cho, Mir, Sun, Hiro, Rubby, Teddy
– C-Series : Joel, Bean, Emma, Ruby, Toto
* Sale : From November 20 to 30.


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