Iplehouse News

IpleHouse has released a new SID line girl named Yui. The company has also introduced a new type of resin skin that they call “glow”.

From the company:

Today we want to introduce our new radiant skin, GLOW SKIN.

Few years ago we changed our skin formula for Peach Gold, Special Real and Light Brown skin due to short supply of French resin. Since French resin always had yellowing problem we decided to stop using French resin at all and started searching for perfect resin formula for Iplehouse.

Finally we developed a formula for beautiful natural glowing skin and named it GLOW skin since it has a beautiful natural glow. This skin has a transparent glow and strong on UV rays compared to French resin. Also it doesn’t leave sanding marks like French resin so you don’t worry about leaving white marks on the skin anymore.

We will start offering new GLOW skin with Yui but unfortunately Yui promotion picture is taken with old general skin. It took more time for yellowing test but we will release new skin photos with yellowing test results soon.

Hope you will all like our new GLOW skin and if you have any questions, please leave it on Q&A board.

62cm tall Yui comes in all of the company’s standard resin colors plus glow version peach gold, special real and light brown. The SID body comes with optional thigh joint and a choice of small or large breasts. Optional additions include a face-up in style A or B, tattoo, wig, outfit, FOMA pendant and chain for the pendant.

A new larger beagle dog is now available.  The Pet doll  is cast in white resin. It may be purchased blank or in a variety of blushing styles including black, autumn bronze, caramel apple, vanilla gold or jet black.



Yui with face-up A

Yui with face-up A


Yui with face-up B and Tattoo

Yui with face-up B and Tattoo

yui outfit

FOMA pendant

FOMA pendant


beagles 2