April Story News

April Story has suffered damage to their doll molds and shipping material due to a fire. 

From the company:

Hello, this is April Story.
We have two unfortunate news to tell you today.

There was a disastrous fire on a warehouse that is located right next to April Story warehouse
where we keep our molds, boxes and other order supplies. While sprinkler was working in the
warehouse, we had another catastrophe that majority of our molds and shipping boxes are ruined.
We tried our best to retrieve it but the damage was too much which resulted us to decide to end
sale of current April Story dolls after 11/30/15. The dolls currently on sale now will be discontinued
after this period. We are not closing down. We’re sorry to let you down but we will come back with
more unique dolls in no time.

[ Sales Period ]

All the items on our website will be discontinued after 11pm on 11/30/15 (korean time).
If, however, when we use up all the left over molds and unable to copy & manufacture a product,
that particular type can be sold out earlier than expected date.

Another bad news is that we have a delay on shipping as expected. A good thing is though,
that we were preparing your shipments in our office, not in a warehouse so that your order items
are safe. It’s just that we lost some shipping materials including the boxes. We expect gathering
the missing shipping supplies will take approximately 1-2 weeks, which will result in 1-2 week delay
on your shipping. Once again, we are very sorry to tell you about these tragedies. There will be
compensation announced later on for those of you whose orders took more than 60 days.

We sincerely apologize for all the delay and inconvenience this accident caused for you.
We will do our best to requite to your love and support towards our dolls.

Thank you.