BG Rayon

Stacy’s Pink Ocean has added a new doll company related to Boy & Girl Doll (B & G Doll) called BG Rayon. To introduce the line at SPO, the dolls are being offered at a discount.

From the company:

The BG Rayon is a branch brand of B&G Doll.The studio create new heads,the bodies are still B&G bodies.Now new dolls of this studio is five 1/3 boys,one 1/4 big head boy and one ice body 1/3 girl.

Special Event:
1.We offer 10% discount on the heads.
2.,We offer 20% discount on the three dolls:1/3 boys Lan,William and the 1/4 big head boy Milk.


rayon dolls

From top- Lan, William and Milk