November at Migidoll

Migidoll‘s November schedule is posted. The highlight is the introduction of a new “Guy” body. A discount event is planned for it’s launch.

From the company:

1. Event for release of M-Style New Guy Body!!

You can meet Migidolls new guy body again.
It was upgraded superlatively, bigger size, refined body line, muscle, skin appearance, mobility of joint & etc.

And you can get it 20~40% off as launching commemoration.

* Event
1. Purchaser of new body
20% off for launching commemoration. (coupon acceptable)

2. Previous-time purchaser of guy body
If you already purchased guy body (set or parts) previously, you can get a new body at 40% discounted amount.
When you place an order, please mention your name & previous purchase authorization number on “Request of customer”.
In case you ordered Migidoll’s client, please put that client name, authorization number, your name & order date on “Request of customer”.

(order will be valid after checking those information.)

* Precautions : 40% off for body only (not for set)
-For set, apply body’s discount rate only.
-For set, please be careful for body option.
(If the first customer for Guy body, please choose 20% discountoption.)

* Sales period : Nov. 20, 2015 ~ Nov. 30, 2015

* Images will be updated 2 days before sale date.
** This event will be applied to December sale schedule.

2. Ryeong make-up change.

New default make-up of Ryeong has been updated.
Please be aware when you place an order of the make-up.
To commemorate the change of makeup, the makeup price is 50% off during event. ($60 -> $30)

3. November sales products and dates.

– M-Series : Ryeong, Ell, Yujin, Shion, Ryu, Mu, Siho, Joe, Jean, Cho, ,Ryo, C. Yujin, C.Ryu, C.Cho, Mir, Sun, Hiro, Rubby, Teddy
– C-Series : Joel, Bean, Emma, Ruby, Toto
* Sale : From November 20 to 30.