Rosen Lied Schedule

Rosen Lied has published their schedule for the months of November and December.  There will be a photo contest and Christmas event in December.

From the company:

Hello everyone, this is Rosen Lied.
Here is our schedule for November & December.

[ November ]

– November 13th
Update of new eyes

– November 20th
[ Release of season limited basic ]

Holiday’s Child Basic MoMo

Sales period : November 20th 19:00 PM (KST) ~ December 20th 24:00 PM

* To celebrate MoMo’s release, peach shaped head accessory gift will be included.

– November 27th
[ Release of limited dress ]

– Rin.Rena
– Madam Mikako
– Chouette
– Nigo

New artist “Nigo” will be with us from this month~
Please look forward to her beautiful works 🙂

[ December ]

This is brief schedule for December.
There may be some changes in the schedule and finalized detailed notice
will be updated on start of December once again.

– December 4th
[ 3rd Photo Contest ]

Period : December 4th ~ January 4th

– December 11th
[ Release of new limited doll ]

Holiday’s Child Boutique Limited Bambi (Reverie ver.) (White skin)
Limited to 10
Make up by Kana
Outfit by Uyuchagongbang

– December 18th
[ Release of season limited basic ]

Holiday’s Child Basic Bambi (Reverie ver.)

Sales period : December 18th 19:00 PM (KST) ~ December 25th 24:00 PM

* Christmas event will be on through December.
Various gifts will be prepared for Christmas event.
Detailed information will be updated in the future.


MoMo (sold out Boutique Ltd.)

MoMo (sold out Boutique Ltd. version)