Egon the Elf Knight

Egon the Elf Knight is coming soon to WithDoll. The first photos of the doll head and his armor have been released. The company will end their  Halloween event on October 31st.

All news from the company:

We will release new limited edition [Egon, The Elf Knight] soon.
We have attached some images.
Take a closer Look at the meticulous details of the armor.
It will be more beautiful after painting work.
Please give us your interest and support.

And we made [Restringing Tutorial] for our MSD dolls.
We hope this is of some use to you.
Restringing Tutorial for Boy Body URL : https://youtu.be/2hkWC4VcUps
Restringing Tutorial for Girl Body URL : https://youtu.be/XnH2XUHsLxg

Halloween Event will be end will be end at Oct. 31.
Also, Stock of [Repuria] series is getting very lows.
Don’t miss this chance.