Pumpkin Basket Event

Little Monica is giving out Treats and a few Tricks for Halloween to 50 qualifying customers.

From the company:

Hello, it’s Little Monica 🙂

We announce for “Pumpkin Basket” event to celebrating the upcoming Halloween!

Event Period : 2015 October 22nd (3pm) ~ 30th (6pm) [Standard Korean Time]

During the period, the first 50 people who have ordered for over $150.00(USD)
excluding the shipping fee from the Little Monica website
will receive a “Pumpkin Basket” along with your order 🙂
* Per order over $150.00

Each “Pumpkin Basket’s” content will randomly be sent out
and all the “Pumpkin Baskets” have already been packed up
so that we also cannot tell which is which.

The 50 “Pumpkin Baskets’” contents are as follow :

1. 12 baskets with Sweets & a specific Doll Head Type coupon
* Included Head Types – 1 Innocent Kliff (White), 1 Gloomy Sarubia (White),
1 Sarubia (Normal), 1 Sophia (Normal), 1 Rennone (White),
2 Little Sophia (Normal), 2 Little Sarubia (Normal),
1 Little Sarubia (White), 1 Lucile (Normal),
1 Blossom Lucile (White)

2. 10 baskets with Sweets & a random Wig coupon

3. 5 baskets with Sweets & $10.00 Online Store Points coupon

4. 23 baskets with Sweets & “Trick” coupon

To change your received coupon in “Pumpkin Basket” to an item, you must log in our website
and leave the serial number on our “Board” under COMMUNITY by 31st of December, 2015!
(For those who have received the “Pumpkin Basket” without logging in,
you also need to leave your received order’s order number as well.)

Another event will be open soon for those who get the “Trick” coupon
so don’t throw the coupon away! 🙂

We hope this event can be enjoyable for all of you.
Happy Halloween~!