Cyclops Camellia and Lucy Soon

A limited number of Aileen Doll‘s 1/6 size Cyclops Camellia and 9cm tall pet cat Lucy will be released for Halloween. The dolls will be available on October 19th at 11:30 AM Korean time.

A limited edition of Camellia is shown with a human and a cyclops head and detachable horns. She will include a face-up for the human head, two sets of hands and feet. Options include a face-up for the cyclops (choice from 2 styles), parts painting and outfit. This version is an edition of 20 dolls.

Camellia will also be sold as a blank doll with both heads, human body, horns, cyclops hands and feet.  The outfit may be added to the purchase.  The basic version is a limited edition of 31.

A set of Camellia’s two heads with a pair of horns is additionally offered as an edition of 31.

Pet cat Lucy will be sold painted as shown in the photos. She is a limited edition of 20.

All of the dolls will be sold at a 10% discount.


cyclops camellia1


camellia lucy

halloween lucy