Classy Doll Pre-order

Classy Doll is opening a pre-order for four new 1/3 scale sculpts, two 66.5cm tall boys and 60cm tall two girls. Resin colors choices include normal, white and new black 1 and black 2. The girls come with a choice of breast size, small,medium or large.The order period runs to the end of the month.

From the company:

※October limited item
Order Period:10/12/15 ~ 10/30/15
We won’t accept orders after this time period.

※ Skin color options for this item: White, Normal, Black1, Black2
For Black1 and Black2 skin color, we can ONLY start manufacturing it once each of them reach more than 10 orders.
If the numbers for each skin are less than 10, the orders will be automatically cancelled, and you will get a full refund.
Please understand that the minimum manufacturing quantity our manufacturing factory requires is 10 so that we cannot proceed with your order if orders don’t reach certain amount.

White and Normal skin color have no minimum quantity limit to produce.

※ Check details of body image under Body Info section.


classy girl

classy boy

classy resin colors