Aehael Human and Centaur

Limited Edition Aehael has been released at Soul Doll in both a human and a unicorn centaur version. Both 1/4 Soul Kid dolls are available for a 6 month layaway program.

Human Aehael comes with a choice of a double jointed or an N.L. body with small or large breasts. (An additional breast piece may be optionally ordered.) Her resin color options include normal, white, sandy brown or light magenta. Aehael may be ordered with the human or the centaur head (with detachable horn) or with both heads. Other options include a face-up for one or two heads, wig, outfit and heel feet.

Centaur Unicorn Aehael‘s upper body comes a choice of normal, white, sandy brown or light magenta resin. The horse lower body may also be ordered in any of the resin colors listed as well. The horn, hoof and tail parts also come in the same resin colors or in transparent magenta resin. Both the human and unicorn head will be included. Options include a face-up for one head (if ordered, the face-up for the 2nd head is free), additional human body, wig, outfit, body blushing (centaur and human, with or without tattoos), and both small and large breast parts. The extra head, extra breast part and the free 2nd face-up with purchase the first face-up is part of a gift event from Soul Doll.

The pre-orders for Aehael Centaur Unicorn and Aehael Human ends November 30th.

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