Baby Delf News

Luts will be opening the first online pre-order for their new Baby Delf line dolls starting October 16th (Korean Time). A discount will be offered for purchases, and orders from the first 100 customers will be shipped with a free gift.

From the company:

Today we are happy to introduce our new adorable doll, BABY DELF!!

And we have a many events for celebrate release! Please don’t miss this chance!

ITEM: DAISY / ROSE / BABY Duo set package

PERIOD: 2015.10.16 12:00~

Selling method: Basic Doll (there is sale price within event period)

EVENT. 1 – Almost 15% SALE EVENT

For celebrate New size doll, we will sale almost 15% price within event period


We will send to classic carrier for gift to 100 people who order BABY DELF within this event period.

(It’s quantity limited so please order hurry~!)
Don’t miss this chance!!

EVENT PERIOD: 2015.10.16 12:00 ~ end quantity prepared (100 ea)
*It was prepared 100 ea and it will start at the same time all site.


*It’s color and model of Carrier is will ship to randomly.

*If you can get carrier it will not send to you default box.(KDF size box)


You can add other head within this event period~!!

EVENT PERIOD: 2015.10.16 12:00 ~ 2015.11.16 12:00 (Korean Time) – For a month

DUO Package is including 2 heads and it can choice in option.

(SKIN & BODY color is same)

*Other SKIN color (Brown/Light Tan/Tan skin) is will release soon, please wait a moment.


baby delf