Migidoll for October

Migidoll will be taking orders for the Kay head one last time. He is being sold as a head only or as a full doll. Resin color choices include normal, white or suntan skin. Two face-up options are available. Customers that purchase Kay will receive a free random wig.

Free dreaming heads will be given with qualifying purchases. A new Dreaming head is added, Jean.

From the company:

1. Last sale of “Limited Kay”!

It’s the 3rd sale of Kay head as last time.
At this time, you can choose the makeup of 1st & 2nd sales.
It is the last chance to get Kay as we do not sell it any more.
Hope your interest.

* Sale : From October 15 to 26.

* Event
A wig (8~9 inch) is free for all the purchasers of Kay.
– Random design & color

2. Event for present of Sleeping & Dreaming head.

To greet October Migidoll has a surprise event.
We will present Sleeping & Dreaming head that most match with fall, and Sleeping Jean head is newly arrived.
Please do not miss this chance if you want Sleeping & Dreaming head.

Present head : Dreaming Ell, Dreaming Jina, Sleeping Cho, Sleeping Jean (New).

* Sale : From October 15 to 26.

* Event
-over $250 order – choose 1 head
-over $500 order – choose 2 heads
-over $750 order – choose 3 heads
-over $1000 order – choose 4 heads

3. October sales products and dates.

– M-Series : Yujin, Cho, Shion, Ryu, Mu, Ryo, Hyeon, Ell, Jina, Jean, Siho, Joe, Kay.
– C-Series : Bean, Emma, Ruby, Toto.

* Sale : From October 15 to 26.



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