Dododolls are the work of Greek/Italian artist Anastasia. She lives in England.  Her latest project is her first BJD, Anako,  which she designed exclusively for Jpop Dolls.


Q: Could you tell me a little about yourself?

A: My name is Anastasia Georgiou. Despite my artistic interests, at University I studied Business Administration. It was really just numbers and nothing to fuel my imagination and urge to create.

In terms of my art, I am completely self taught.

Today I live in England, with my gorgeous son, a constant source of inspiration to me and my incredibly empathetic husband!

Q: How long have you been making dolls?

A: In the early 90’s, I stumbled across a book of how to sculpt one dimensional dolls from dough. I was evolving my technique through the years and desired more opportunity for expression. That was when I found la doll premier which is my favourite medium, until now.

Q: How were you introduced to BJDs? How did you meet Grace from Jpop Dolls?

11204484_10153539526429433_1146886017267607878_nA: I started sculpting one of a kind art dolls, the “dododolls”. I always have been fascinated by ball jointed dolls but never had the courage to make one until a few years back, when I was invited to participate in an art group exhibition. I was a member of a short stop animation project about child abuse and I thought I would try and make a bjd from air dry clay to gain more movement. This is when I totally fell in love with their endless possibilities and as a result I began to dream of creating a BJD in the future.

Then somewhere in between, I met Grace through a dear mutual friend and that was my starting point for thinking about it seriously and cultivating the bjd project. With Grace’s and Elodie’s help and enormous support, I threw myself into creating what eventually became little Anako. In all honesty it took me a significant amount of time, but in the end she was truly worth it. I will be always thankful to Grace because she believed in and supported my art from the beginning. She is a wonderful, caring person with a big heart. A great fighter and doll lover.

Q: So is Anako your first BJD?

A: Yes, Anako is my very first complete bjd project and now she’s available at Jpopdolls.net until 4.11.2015.

Q: How are your BJDs similar to your other dolls?  How are they different?

A: They are all similar in my eyes in a sense that I’m always trying to transmit through my dolls the innocence and purity that all children have (because all my dolls are young children). I try to portray how they are always alert and fully perceptive of the world around them, that they are conduits for every emotion, even the smallest ones; and how as they grow up this natural state of independence and curiosity eventually fades… it’s such a shame really because I strongly believe that the whole world would be a better place for us all if we could just be able to maintain the primitive instincts.

The only difference that I can see is in the physical material of the dolls. In this sense, although Anako was created from this basic concept of childhood in common with my other dolls, she in fact conveys a different perspective on such a state: where my one of a kind dolls are very delicate and must be handled carefully, thus expressing the fragility of every child’s ‘state of nature’, Anako’s robustness and her freedom of movement conversely represents a joyful celebration of the moment of childhood which lacks consequence, fear and other such learned, adult attributes.

Q: Are you working on more dolls right now?

A: My head has been full of Anako lately, and it has taken me a little while to get back to other work, but I have just completed a new head sculpted from clay, and I have her in mind as a potential candidate for a kind of sister to Anako. She could perhaps have the same body, but her face will be completely individual. It is so exciting and stimulating to move forward with my work, but nice to be tied in some way to my first BJD project, which will always be extremely special to me.


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Anastasia – DodoDolls Facebook

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