Evol Version Andrew

The Andrew head has been adapted to fit the new Granado Evol body.  The head will be on sale soon.  Customers that purchase the head with a body will receive a free gift.

From the company:

We are happy to announce our renew Evol doll Andrew, will be released on 10th Oct, 2015.

Skin Type: ALL
Set includes: Andrew’s Head (Evol size)
Request Options: Makeup service, Evol body set

:: Special ::

1) Order a whole Andrew doll – Gets a pair free ExtraS iris glass eyes!
– When you order a whole doll, ExtraS iris glass eyes(random color) will be free of charge and ship along with your order.
2) We will provide seam sanding service for free.
3) Please note that we ONLY accept makeup service when you order a whole doll. (head + any body)


evol andrew

andrew1 evol